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Written by Dave Metzger   
Tuesday Jump Off w/ Ryan Myxter & Katie Doe

Looking for something different than Top 40 radio? Want to learn about local bands, college happenings, and hip stories from kick ass DJ's? The why not tune into WCUR 91.7 Tuesdays from noon until 2.
Ryan Myxter and Katie Doe know how to keep it real. The have new guests every week from musicians, poets, sga leaders, and athletes in a segment called "Campus Celebrities".

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Written by Administrator   
Cool Kids Keep with aKap
Wednesdays 10am to Noon

It's hard to be cool, to be hip, to be so scene you're bleeding out your ears. Well, here's your chance to loosen up for a bit and get your geek on. On Cool Kids Keep, aKap plays an eclectic mix of music. From the in-thing music of today, to the passé music of yesteryear, you're sure to find something you dig. aKap's always taking requests, so call in to hear your guilty pleasure. (I won't laugh too much, promise). So listen to Cool Kids Keep with aKap every Wednesday, and feed your inner freak.
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Written by Administrator   
Activate The Pit with Chris Gallagher
Mondays 10pm to 12am

Dateline: Monday, 10pm, WCUR Studio

There is a young man who sits in a chair here,
invigorated by compelling rhythms and lyrical
compositions. Doubtless, the sounds which emanate from that very room at that very time of night are amongst the most glorious to be found on God's green Earth. Ranging from the occasional metalcore to the increasingly frequent mellow Omaha sound of Saddle Creek, Activate the Pit promises nothing -- and delivers on that promise. Listen to be pleasantly surprised, jolted awake with a heavy tune, groove along to a slower song, and listen, intently, as the best song you've never heard happens to be the next one on the air.
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Written by Administrator   
Music You Don't Know with Kristen
Tuesdays 4 to 6 pm

Bored with your current music collection? Then you should listen to my show because everything I play is new! As the music director at WCUR, I am familiar with a lot of the new artists. I usually start off with a lot of slower stuff (folk, singer-songwriter, indie) and then pick it up with faster-paced or danceable music. I also play music I'm unfamiliar with or don't initially enjoy. We can experience the variety together! So if you want to be the first one of all your friends to hear the newest bands and music coming onto the scene, then listen to me every Tuesday.

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Written by Administrator   
The American Dream with Rob
Tuesdays from 8 to 10 am

Spring of 2006 at WCUR has a show like none other.  Do you like sports?  Do you like talking about sports?  Want your opinion heard?  Tune into WCUR from 8 to 10 am on Tuesdays for a sports show that is all about opinions.  Pro football, pro baseball and pro wrestling (and you know you’ve watched it at some point) are just some of the topics that are covered by your host, Rob DiPuppo.  And remember this: I tell it like it is!  If you don’t like my opinions, TOUGH!  You’d better call in and tell me why you think your opinion is better than mine!  But on this show, I let anything go.  What you want to talk about, we will talk about.  But that’s not all, I also play (in my opinion) the best choice of music you can hear anywhere!  The music you hear will be music you know.  I play the best of the 80's, 90's, and today!  Want to hear Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Boys II Men, and Poison?  They are just some of the many bands that have crossed the airwaves during my show.  So listen up and keep dreaming the American dream!
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