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 How overwhelming! I mean the record. No, I mean the guy, orrrr, the record. Okay, both. Both are TOTALLY overwhelming. Van Dyk's accomplishments include everything from being voted "America's Favorite DJ of 2004", working with Bono and others on the "Rock The Vote" campaign, and won "Best Music Maker" over Paul Oakenfeld and Fatboy Slim. Surprisingly, that is only a sprinkling of van Dyk's laundry list of achievements.            

Inspired by artists like The Smiths and New Order while growing up in a Communist-hectic East Berlin, Paul entered the techno, club culture and took up the turntables. From there he churned out club hit after hit, remixing artists with cult-like followings and creating one of his own.

In a terribly poetic kind of way, "The Politics of Dancing 2" is Paul's love letter to musical escapism. "He understood all to well that radios and dance music are windows to freedom for many young people in repressive societies" and uses this compilation to explore dancing and dance music as a political force. He finds success in his original piece "The Other Side" which he wrote in response to the Tsunami in East Asia.         

Shiloh remixes "Dream On" which exudes rich industrial undertones without being overpowering. Melinda Gareh providing vocals for White water on "The Unknown?" gives Madonna a run for her money… on a good day. On disk two, Yellow Blackbird mixes up a club track reminiscent of The Faint at their grimiest.
RIYL: Paul Oakenfeld, Oscar G  

Dirty Tracks: None
Start With:

Disc 1: 5. Shiloh – Dream on, 8. Lolo – Why?, 12. White Water featuring Melinda Gareh – The Unknown
Disc 2: 7. Marco V – More Than A Life Away, 5. Yellow Blackbird - Superfly

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