Rob Virgin is gonna eff you up! playlist for 09/26/2008

coliseumdefeaterno salvation
victimswho the fuck are we?divide & conquer
disfeartestamentlive the storm
the (international) noise conspiracya new languagethe first conspiracy
atom & his packageif you own the washington redskins, you're a cockredifining music
nada surfhi-speed soullet go
men women & childrenat night we like to fightmen women & children
all else faileddid you think of me?archetype
triviumhe who spawns the furiesshogunnew
reggie and the full effectjlast stop: crappy townnew
hero destroyedcause for cancerhero destroyednew
whitechapelof legionsthis is exilenew
shai huludto bear the brunt of many bladesmisanthropy purenew
daughtersI Don't Give A Shit About Wood, I'm Not A Chemistcanada songs
the black dahlia murdercontagionunhallowed
botchto our friends in the great white northwe are the romans
paint it blackwatered downcva
circle takes the squarecomes with the fallcircle takes the square
refusedrather be deadsongs to fan the flames of discontent
convergethe broken vowjane doe
polar bear clubmost miserable lifethe redder, the better
this day forwardsignificant othersthe transient effects of light on the water
decahedronburning lightsdisconnection:imminent
the bledyou should be ashamed of myselfsilent treatmentnew
architectsburied at searuinnew
austrian death machineif it bleeds, we can kill ittotal brutalnew
famineanother foot to the shovelthe raven and the reapingnew
agenda of swineamongst the forgottenwaves of human sufferingnew
a life once lostprepare yourself for what is about to comethe fourth plauge: flies
the ting tingswe walkwe started nothing
ed geini wish you the's a shame...
the movielifeone way ticketit's go time
ghosts and vodkafuturistic genitaliaprecious blood
kid dynamitethree's a partyshorter, faster, louder
mc chriscookie breathknowing is half the hassle
minus the beari lost all my money at the cockfightshighly refines pirates