I Heart the 90s
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I HEART the 90s

WITH: DJ Kennie G
TIME: Tuesday's 8-10pm
DESCRIPTION: Do you ever wish you could travel back to the care free days of the 90s? Here is your chance, every Tuesday night from 8-10pm tune into I HEART the 90s with all your favorite 90s bands and one hit wonders like: *NSYNC, Britney, Nirvana, Boyz II Men, Green Day, Hanson, The Goo Goo Dolls and many many more! Also hear all 90s TRIVIA and fun facts!

Remember when catchy pop was all the rage and Hootie and the blow fish had constant air time? Travel back with me, DJ Kennie G to the 1990s! Each week we showcase a year in the 90s to talk about hit movies, music, political scandals and celebrities of that year! Hear songs from your favorite Boy Bands, Girl Bands, Grunge, Dirty Rockers, One hit Wonders. Find out what the Song and Album of the year was!
I go month by month through the year in review to tell you of the changes the world faced and what was new (Like did you know in 1992 the Real World premiered, it has gone 18 seasons and is the longest running MTV show!) Call in with your favorite songs and I'll play them as long as they came out between 1990 and 1999! 
Tune in as we count down the years to the new Millennium: "We'll party like it's 1999..."  
I Hear the 90s Every Tuesday 8-10pm...it will make you want to do the Macarana!