WCU Contemporary Issues - Steve and Scott
Written by Kathy Schlegel   

March 1 – Contemporary Issues – Today Steve and Scott joined us from the Contemporary Issues Organization here at WCU.  Steve is the advisor to the group, and Scott is a student, and President of Contemporary Issues.  Scott told us this group brings movies and ideas for programs to campus. The students, as well as faculty members, come to the meetings to offer their ideas.  The Contemporary Issues groups collaborate with other student groups to bring speakers and programs to the campus.  Steve said that one of the purposes of this group is to bring students and faculty together.  Scott stated that this is empowering for the students, because it gives them a “voice” on campus.

                 Scott told us the Contemporary Issues Organization recently showed the documentary, , “The U.S. vs. John Lennon.” The students who attended were able to connect the current political situation with what was going on during John Lennon’s time in the 1960’s.  There are fewer activists now, however, especially because there is no draft, which means fewer people are personally involved.  Other movies coming soon:  “Fareless,” which is about a fourteen year old boy who survives the Holocaust; “Flags of Our Fathers,” about Iwo Jima and WWII; “Babel,” with Brad Pitt that deals with Muslim issues.  Two lecture programs will also be coming soon to WCU: one is called “Body Works,” which deals with male eating disorders and “Big Daddy Graham from WIP Sports.  Graham is a comedienne, but has changed his venue from sports to helping college students learn the necessary skills to find employment.

All of the Contemporary Issues events are free, and no tickets are required.  To find out about the upcoming movies and programs, got to the WCU website and click on student life, then click on campus events.  From there you can click on the Contemporary Issues for a list of all of the events.  If you’d like to have a voice on campus, or if you would like to be the Contemporary Issues web master, consider coming to the meetings.  They are held in Sykes on Monday’s from 6:15 to 7:00 pm.