A Word from Programming Director TJ Nicolaides.
For all the promotion we do for this radio station, I still come across people that have no idea what we do here at WCUR.  Which is fine, I guess: I came on just over a year ago, and back then I had no clue either.  The problem is, it's then on me to explain to someone who's only radio listening experience has been Y100 and Q102 the chaos that is 91.7FM.  "Every time I turn it on, I hear some weird band that I've never heard before." is a choice phrase I hear a lot.  And so, in response to that, I say....why is that a bad thing? 
The product you have here is not a polished one, nor is it neatly packaged, pre-tested material.  We receive dozens of CDs every week, we throw the best ones at our DJs, and let them play what they wish.  WCUR is raw, free-form college radio, designed to expose listeners to the best in independent music, while at the same time giving West Chester students an on-air experience they can't get anywhere else.  It's edgy, it's intimate, and it spits in the face of every station that interrupts their music with 20-minute long blocks of commercials.  At any given time of day, you have a chance of tuning in and hearing some awesome new music, or you might turn us on and hear something you think sounds like shit.  In a nutshell, that's the chance you and I take: sometimes, it's not easy for you to listen to, but for us, it's never easy to get you to listen.  We're not gonna make ourselves a Billboard Top 40 clone, and we're not gonna play the music you're used to hearing. 
So, essentially, you have two choices:  keep listening to the stations within your comfort zone, or take a chance with us and find out what those stations don't want to play.  Check out our Spring 2004 DJ lineup, find a show that rocks, and tune in for it every week.  The thrill of discovering a new band, or having your request played right away, or even hearing music you haven't heard in years is one that's unmatched in the corporate radio realm.  New Music, Local Music, Your Music: this is WCUR.

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