Finding The Most Suitable Nude Shade For Your Nails


Nude shade seems to be the easiest of all makeup collection, but believe it or not, it is going to be the most confusing of all. Nude nail colors are timeless and are amazingly beautiful. Though nail colors look beautiful, but nude shades have got something that cannot be imparted with any other color. Best nude nail polishes come with an opaque coverage. They look graceful and last longer, unlike the colored ones. If you have a big nail and you have applied nude shade, your fingers will look much longer and hand more elegant. It creates an illusion that your skin is glowing.

Of course, it can be true that your skin is glowing, but that might not be true in everybody’s case. You can always use the nude shade as your savior. Be it a nude makeup, lip color, nail paint or anything, all are incredible a huge style statement. Regardless of your age and style, a nude shade can give you a stylish look. In summers especially, nude looks really good. It is all sunny around and the sweat can make the colorful makeup give you a disastrous and tacky appearance. A nude shade will give you a fresh yet stylish appearance.

When buying nude nail color do not forget to try it on your nails first. All nude shades cannot suit everybody. There is to be a balance between the color and your skin. If you are thinking that it is a complicated affair, let me tell you it is not. A nude nail polish can be bought easily by keeping a few things in your mind. Firstly, remember what is nude nail polish, you need the opaque one and not the transparent one. There are generally two types of body tone, warm undertone and a cool tone. Depending on what type your skin looks you can get the perfect shade.

Look at the veins of your body, if they are purples or blue you are cool toned. Yellow to olive vein color means you are warm toned. Both the tones are equally good. You need to select makeup carefully as per your body’ suitability. People with neutral undertone are the luckiest one as they find most items suitable for them. Remember, when talking about nude nail paint, you need not match it with your skin tone completely. It should be something different in color from your skin tone but must be suitable for the skin tone you have. Going a few shades lighter or darker than your usual skin tone is what is desired.

Make your manicure look worth it. Do not allow the color to look just like an unnoticeable color on your nails. Also, do not fear of experimenting with new looks. You can always try different beautiful shades whatever you like. There is no hard and fast rule about nail polishes and skin tone. Whatever you think you can carry well is what you need. Do not run behind fashion and what the famous bloggers tell you. Go with your own interest.

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